"Forever Young"
Langhorne Speedway
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Rich Young Photos
Original images from the lens of photographer Rich Young - All images provided by Rich Young.

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Sammy Beavers

Dutch Hoag or Lee Osborne?

Maynard Troyer

Bill Slater

Budd Olsen

Blackie Watt

Don Stives

Gary Winters

Paul Radford

Frank Myronchuk

Butch Jelly?

Mike Loescher

Ron Wallace

Don MacTavish

Al Tasnady

Wild Bill Slater

Rene Charland

Wally Dallenbach

Richie Massing

Bob Finger

Charlie Jarzombek

Bill Strosahl

Gerald Chamberlain

Gerald Chamberlain

Will Cagle

Geoff Bodine

Jim Shampine

Ray Hendrick

Bugs Stevens

Tom Green

Richie Evans

Charlie Jarzombek

Jim Hoffman

Graeme Bolia

Bob Malzahn
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