"Forever Young"
Middletown (OCFS)
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Rich Young Photos
Original images from the lens of photographer Rich Young - All images provided by Rich Young.

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Jack Johnson

Dave Kneisel

CD Coville

Mike Grbac

Stan Ploski

Walt Shubert

Peppy Fernandez

Tom Correlis

Danny Mitchell

Art Lawshe

Denny Soltis

Frankie Schneider

Bobby Rossell

Sam Rogers

Kenny Coons

Wayne Reutimann

Frankie Schneider

Carl Van Horn

Bob Malzahn

Dave Pace

Rich Eurich

Carl Van Horn

Stan Wetmore

not sure (Potter?)

Ray Dalmata

Mert Hulbert

Wayne Reutimann

Toby Tobias

Harry Peek

Ed Rafferty

Kenny Shoemaker?

Earl Elzer

Chuck Ely

Ed Demolino

Nate Strunk

Chuck Williams & Bob Banghart

Tommy Corellis

Freddy Sabatino

Marsha Haas

Tommy Corellis and Ken Shoemaker

Dexter Dorr

Wayne Reutimann


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