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Rich Young Photos

Original images from the lens of photographer Rich Young - All images provided by Rich Young.

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Al Tasnady

Paul Deasey

Dizzy Dean

Kenny Shoemaker

Bob Malzahn

Kenny Brightbill

Glenn Fitzcharles

Jack Carroll

Donnie Varner

Alex Cameron

Paul Fitzcharles

John Kozak

Jeff Dufresne

Not sure...

Kim Trout

Kenny & Gerry

Taylor & Marks

Jimmy Keppley

Toby Tobias

Walt Olsen

Kenny Brightbill

Jim Baker

Ronnie Guinther

Bob Wright

Gerald Chamberlain

Lee Taylor

Don Kreitz

Harry Moore

Kevin Collins

Larry Love

Ronnie Dunstan

Mike Erb

Curt Weller

Bobby Gerhart

Bobby Braxton

Red Coffin

Fred Adam

Meme Desantis

Jim Baker

Jim Keppley

Nate Strunk

Shorty McAndrews

Gerald Chamberlain

Deasey #707 Pinto
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