What "makes" the car?...  Is it the body style?  Is it the sturdiness of the chassis?  Maybe its the rake of the body, or the way the hood lays over the power plant?  What about the color?

I think we could all agree that it's all of the above... But there's one more thing that may have even more impact than anything on that list...
....The way the car is lettered.
Whether its the colors, the style of letters, the flow...  It can absolutely make or break a car...

This section is dedicated to those who took the blank canvas of a racecar, and with their brush, brought it to life... 

Bob Toreky (Cos)

Steve Bottcher (Cos)

Scott McClaren (Cos)

Brett Hearn (Cos)

Bob Toreky (Cos)

Meme Desantis (Cos)

unsure (Cos)

unsure (Cos)

Brett Hearn (Cos)

Dickie Keiper (Cos)

Kenny Brightbill (Cos)

Mike Jablonski (Cos)

Multiple Cars (Bruce Bowen)

Howie Cronce (Smith)

Bob Fisher (Smith)

Fred Loesch (Cos)

Kressley (Cos)

Billy Waite

Art Krause

"Various" (Cos)
      more on the way...

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