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c010.07.06_014_UNK_CON_2006V_1.jpg (133871 bytes)
Pseudo Vintage...

d01.21.07__6A_WEA_VIN_2007V_1.jpg (127465 bytes)
#6A Rides Again

d03.26.07_XL1_UNK_VIN_0020V_1_.jpg (136341 bytes)

d06.20.07_BRU_BER_UNK_2007_1.jpg (151933 bytes)
Bruce Berger

d08.28.07_074_CLA_UNK_2007V_1.jpg (275008 bytes)
Al Clark

d11.04.07_711_LAR_UNK_2000V_1.jpg (220927 bytes)
Larry Larivee

d11.04.07__Z8_PAV_UNK_2007V_1.jpg (210458 bytes)
George Pavlisko
d011.13.07_065_BAN_GLN_2006V_1.jpg (228691 bytes)
Camel Banghart

Craig Paterson

Bobby Caughtwrite

Geoff Bodine's #99

George Henshaw

George Henshaw

Charlie Jazombek's Cars

Original Goober Scheidel

Restored:  Rick Karpeuk's 56 Chevy (Dorney Park Car)

"Greased Lightning" Movie Car

George Taylor's #93

Maul Missile

1929 Racer

Dick June's #RU21

Brenn Sr./Ploski

Henry Verity owned/Bruce Hooper driven #76

Dave Kelly Sprinter

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Special thanks to the guys that not only preserve the history, but who actually recreate it for us all to experience...

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