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Photo ID # 03.10.03_16J_HIL_ACL_0057_1
Car #: #16-J
Driver (s) : Elton Hildreth
Location: Alcyon, NJ
Date: 1957
Photographer: Walter Chernokal
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: This is a Walter Chernokal photo of John Reginak's 16-J taken in 1957 at Alcyon Speedway. Elton Hildreth had just won the consi on September 13th. The car as shown was a yellow/cream color with red trim. Elton bought the car near the end of the season and changed the colors to his familiar orange and black.  (Comment from Russ Dodge - Thanks Russ.)
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04/14/03 Jack Hildreth Elton hildreth was my cousin. My grandfather and Elton's father were brothers. I grew up in Bridgeton N.J. when I rode to town with my father we always stopped in to visit Elton at his car dealership and garage. My father and Elton both flew their own airplanes which they kept at Buck's airport. My father got him interested in flying that was just after World War 2 late 40rs and early 50s. Elton was always an adventurer and a very interesting and fun person to be around. I suppose that is why he was always my fathers favorite cousin. We moved to S. Florida in 1950 and lived there for 30 years where my father passed away I moved to Atlanta Ga. in 1981 . I have many fond and interesting incidents pertaining to Elton in his younger days that I still relate to my own sons and family members. Jack Hildreth
04/28/03 Russ Dodge Jack, It was interesting to hear you remembrance of Elton. He is now 86 going on 18 and still lives in his home in Bridgeton. I have been fortunate over the last decade to have time to ask Elton about the "tales of his adventures" I had heard when I started going to the races. You mentioned his flying an airplane. I asked, did you really fly under the Ben Franklin Bridge? "Yes," he responded, "but one day I looped the Delaware Memorial Bridge 29 times!" Did you really land an airplaneon the roof of a barn? "No," he said, "actually it was a garage." How did you do that I asked. "Easy," he replied,"I brought her down and stuck the wheels through the roof. It stopped dead!" I have found out over the years after listening to the same stories told time after time by Elton, that they have grown wider and deeper but at the core is always the truth! Jack, your cousin, Elton "Wild Man" Hildreth is one of a kind.
05/04/03 Jim Murrow The first time I saw Elton Hildreth drive was at Alcyon, in the 717. I later had the extreme pleasure of watching him in the 16-J at Vineland many times, and he earned the name "Wild Man"! He was a real charger.

My Hildreth anecdote, however, is from one night at Flemington, in the 60s. By this time, Elton was driving asphalt pretty much exclusively, but, he showed up at Flemington one night for some kind of a special race. I don't remember if it was an All Star Racing League race or what.

He didn't qualify in his heat, so, when the last heat had run, Elton came out for the next race, which he thought was the consi. Actually, it was the first heat for the "Hobby" cars. I guess the officials thought he was just going to run a couple laps behind the field to check out some changes on the car before the consi, cause they let him out on the track and told him to start at the back.

Elton took the green flag, and did his usual "Wild Man" performance, battling quickly through the field of rookies (driving flatheads, and 6s) up to the front before the first restart. When the officials informed him he was racing in a Hobby car heat, he drove into the pits, loaded the car, and left the speedway.

Why is it that we find so much humor in other people's embarrassment???

Thanks,  Jim Murrow

09.24.09 James Plummer The 16-J came from John Reginek's license plate on his car.