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Photo ID # 05.04.03_011_BEC_UNK_0059_1
Car #: #11
Driver (s) : Bob Becker
Location: Tom Reymer's in Glassboro. N.J
Date: 1959
Photographer: Joe Clune
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comments provided by Russ:  In this Joe Clune photo is the Raymer - Maul Brothers # 11 driven by Bob Becker in 1959. In another picture you will see the team car the # 10A driven by Barrington's Bill Wark. Bob Becker moved over into the # 11 sportsman vacating the seat in the John Steubner # 210. The # 11 unfortunately campaigned with limited success
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05/10/03 Jim Murrow Great picture, as usual, Russ. Bobby was one of the nicest and msot "fun to be around" guys in the pits! As of last year, he was doing fine, working as a truck driver. One more thing, I just thought of - The guy walking next to the truck, is Bob Gardy, A nephew of the Raymers. He was the guy who did most of the work to keep these two cars, and the third car in the stable, a midget going fast. (OK the 11 car never went fast, but Tom built it himself, he needed to stay with "Bought Cars")