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Photo ID # 05.04.03_10A_WAR_UNK_0059_1
Car #: #10A
Driver (s) : Bill Wark
Location: Tom Reymer's in Glassboro. N.J
Date: 1950's
Photographer: Joe Clune
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comments provided by Russ:  This Joe Clune picture shows Tom Raymer's # 10A sportsman driven in 1959 by Bill Wark. Tom and his brother Bob, fielded some sanitary race cars. Purchasing the # 29 car from local racer Lew Mood, the car was driven by Al Graeber in 1957. Bill Wark took the ride over in 1958 and took the NASCAR sportsman championship at Alcyon and finished second in New jersey State points that year. The unique pink and white color combination looked great. Thanks, Russ Dodge
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05/10/03 Jim Murrow Another astounding performance, Russ; I mention the 10-A, and the 11 cars, in conjunction with your great pic of the 111 - and you have pics and info on them both! The 10-A was labled the "Flying Mazie" over the windshield, for Tom's wife, May - and the 11 was dubbed "Miss Sandy", for his youngest daughter. His older daughter, Joanne, was married to Joe Clune, who took the pictures. Bill Wark was an amazing, and greatly under rated driver. I think they ran this same car about 3 years, at Alcyon, Mason Dixon Speedway, Atco Speedway, and Flemington, (The wreck capital of the free world), and he only damaged the car to any extent once. Unfortunitely, that one, at Alcyon, totaled the car, and Walt Taitt's 07 car, as well, (Ending the long time friendship between Tom Raymer, and Walt Taitt). Got any pictures of the 07, driven by Henry Johnson? A week or two after Bill Wark, AKA "Warkie", and "The Iron Man" wrecked the 10-A, Charlie Whitehead offered to let him drive the # 67 Modified at Alcyon. He only drove it the one time, and won the feature! Thanks, Awesome Russ;    Jim Murrow