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Photo ID # 05.04.03_717_UNK_VIN_0056_1
Car #: #717
Driver (s) : not sure
Location: William's Auto Parts, Vineland, NJ
Date: 1956
Photographer: William Curley
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comments provided by Russ:  This 1956 William Curley photo shows a newly built # 717 in the yard of Williams Auto Parts in Vineland, N.J. In the photo going from left to right are: Donald Tueber, Neal Williams, Eddie Williams and Jackie Lynch. Two interesting story about the car. It was purchased in Atsion on Rt. 206 above Hammonton, N.J. for $100. (Which was a lot for a stock car body at that time) Dick Werchan said he drove it to Vineland, with the radio playing! Then came the torch!! Second, the number 717 came from the number of letters in Werchan's name: Richard (7) L.(1) Werchan (7) Jackie Lynch, who worked for Neal, went on to become a fine driver on the South Jersey race circuit. However not in the # 717 but rather in the Richard Newkirk owned 1 Jr. Thanks, Russ Dodge
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11/28/03 Steve Elias The coupe 717 was run in 1955 and in 1956 they had a hump back sedan which was driven by Elton Hildreth in the latter part of the year.   Elton won the next to the last race at Vineland that year. Bill MCcort was second I was third in Kenny Van Buren's #37.  Russ Dodge has a picture of the finish, I was leading coming off the fourth turn and blew the motor. 
11/28/03 3-Wide I'll email Russ to see if he can send us the picture you're mentioning.