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Photo ID # 05.15.03___0_MOS_UNK_0050_1
Car #: #0
Driver (s) : not sure...
Location: not sure...
Date: 1950's
Photographer: not sure...
Photo provided by: Tom Eppolite
Comments: I think this is Augie Moschera, but I am hoping that one of you guys out there can help us out with this very interesting photo. -thanks
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09/19/03 ELY125 This is Augie's "little zero" at (I think) the old 1/4 mile New Egypt Speedway in the mid 50s.  When I was around 4 or 5, I was part of a group of kids that Augie took around the race track on his victory lap in this hot rod! (A practice that I'm sure would be taboo in today's world.)  When the "little zero" was crashed for the last time at New Egypt, the American flag was lowered to half mast as the "0" was towed off the track.  Also, I LOVE looking at all of these pictures of the coupes, sedans, Gremlins, etc.  Just what are these bodies they all run now anyway?
09/19/03 3 -Wide That's just it ELY... They aren't bodies anymore.   I have been talking to a few people about seeing what would be needed to "adjust" the rules a little just in case someone with some body fabrication skills wanted to step away from the crowd and actually run something with stock quarters and roof... Maybe give them a weight break or allow additional performance modifications!   I guarantee everyone would notice it out there whether it qualified or not!
11/21/07 Marty Little Augie's brother Al Moschera ran a white coupe with a red 0 on the door at
the old Brevard County Speedway in Eau Gallie, Fla. when I began going to the
races there in the late 50s. I'll bet this shot is Augie.

Marty Little
Ft Lauderdale