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Photo ID # 12.18.03_001_HAR_NAZ_0050_1
Car #: #1
Driver (s) : Otto Harwi
Location: unsure... Middletown (see note below from Greg Collins)
Date: late 50's?
Photographer: Unknown - Sam Rosenberg (see note below from Greg Collins)
Photo provided by: Ricky Rutt
Comments: Otto Harwi in the Harold Cope #1 Sedan.  I didn't notice until after I posted this but check out what's going on behind the #1 in the outside groove...
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12/19/03 Greg Collins I purchased this same photo from Sam Rosenberg, who for years was the primary supplier of photography from Middletown, NY (Orange County Fair Speedway).  I believe Sam would be the photographer.   Because he did the majority (if not all?) of his work at Middletown, my guess is that the photo was taken there.  I recall when I purchased the photo (by mail, as a teenager in the early '70s) that I noted the flipping car in the background.  Greg Collins, Hellertown, PA
02/05/04 Paul Weisel The photo of  Otto Harwi driving Harold Cope's #1 sedan at Middletown is from either 1955 or 1956.  Freddie Fehr won the Nazareth title for Cope in 1953 driving a red and white #29 coupe.  In 1954 the number was changed to #88 and Fehr and Cope won the title at Alcyon Speedway in Pitman, NJ.  In July of 1954, good friend of Harold Cope, Wally Campbell was killed testing the Nyquist Offy at Salem, IN.  At the start of the 1955 season Cope hired Harwi and changed the number on his cars to #1 to honor Campbell, who made the #1 famous driving the Wally Marks #1 stock car before moving on to sprint cars.  Cope's early #1's were red with white trim before changing to all white with his trademark red #1 by 1957.      Always appreciate a good Harold Cope stock car photo at klascar@bellatlantic.net
Paul Weisel
11/20/06 Jack Wagner I was @ the Nazareth 1/2 mile when the throttle stuck coming down the old front stretch & the car launched thru the high fence in the 1st turn, flipped & hit 2 cars in the parking lot! wagnerjack@bellsouth.net