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Photo ID # 12_21.02_VAR_UNK_DAY_0050_1
Car #: 1 & 33
Driver: Drivers: # 1 Elton Hildreth & # 33 Pop McGinnis  (Thanks Larry)
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
Date: 1954
Photographer: John Ward   (Thanks Larry)
Photo provided by: 3-Wide
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02/02/03 Russ Dodge This is a picture of Elton Hildreth in his red and white Nash #1 on the beach at Daytona. He took a new red Nash with a white top to haul the trailer to Florida with this car. His trailer had a hidden gas tank in it that would hold "several" gallons of gas. Pure was the gas provider for NASCAR then and drivers could get all the gas they wanted for nothing so extra storage was a plus. Particularly for all their friends who came to Florida with them! Unbeknown to his two pit men traveling with him, Elton had run a fuel hose from the trailer tank, which he had filled, to the tank in his tow car. He told his crew that he had a new carburetor on the Nash that would give tremendous mileage. When they finally stopped for gas in the deep south he had them calculate the mileage. To their astonishment they had gotten something like 40 plus miles per gallon, they thought! The guy at the gas station pumping gas told them to get out. He thought he was trying to sell him a hoax carburetor. His crew found out a little later what had really happened. Elton is a master story teller and practical jokester! Thanks, Russ Dodge
02/08/03 Larry Jendras Jr Drivers: # 1 Elton Hildreth & # 33 Pop McGinnis,  Date: 1954,  Photographer: John Ward,  Thanks, Larry Jendras Jr