Photo ID # I01.14.12_046_UNK_TRN_0050_1
Car #: #46
Driver (s) : not known
Location: Trenton Speedway -
Date: 1940's or 50's?
Photographer: Weiss Fotos
Photo provided by: George Koyt
Comments: I'm told this one is from Trenton Speedway and I'm pretty certain it is because it say's "Weiss Fotos" on the back of the image with a Trenton NJ address.  Also, for those who have been to Trenton, those roofs in the backstretch look awful familiar... In fact, we've got a few Vault Visitors that have watched cars race down the backstretch from those very same roofs.  It looks like a dirt surface so this is an early shot as Trenton was later paved, and then increased to a 1 1/2 mile (with a dog leg) sometime around 1970'ish.
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01.14.12 Richard L yes that sure looks like Trenton, I remember that whitewashed wood fence. those houses look like the backstretch to.  from maybe the 40's bye looks of cars parked there.
01.15.12 Charlie Lindmar #46 has a floating rear end, probably 1950or later.
01.15.12 3Wide Charlie - I could use more info about floating rears vs non floating...
01.15.12 Charlie Lindmar Floating rear ends were from three quarter ton pick up trucks. The axels could be removed as they were bolted into a flange. The wheels were bolted to the hub. Non floating rears the wheels were bolted directly to the axel thus the weight was on the axel keys. Floating rear, weight was distributed to wheels and tires. If you look at for instance, the #111 restoration pictures,
you will notice it has a safety hub on the right front but it does not have a floating rear.

Northern modifieds started using floating rears in the early 50's. I believe they learned this from the southern modifieds who ran large tracks like Lakewood in the Atlanta area. One mile track axel keys break off quickly. Floating rears no axel keys to break off. Run a hundred mile race today run another hundred tomorrow. Hope that explains it better. I noticed this on a video I have of the 1952 Daytona Beach road course race. The southern guys had floating rears and some had machine hubs in the front also.

We had no large tracks up north except Trenton and Langhorne. In old Nascar photos from the deep south many of the top cars had floating rears '49 and up. Most photos of early northeast modifieds did not. Around 1950 the top cars, Schneider, Delaney, Racz and others started using floaters.
01.28.12 R L When I used to help the OLD FLYING BAKER Vince Cannizarro.  We used to flat tow to Vineland with his big old OLDS 98.   We would take the axles out an flat tow, put the axles back in just before the track.   That's when Vineland ran Friday nights.
01.28.12 3Wide Thanks for the info Rich.  How long did you help Vince?  I know he ran at EWS all the way into the 70's.  Passed away doing what he loved....