Photo ID # I12.26.12_669_TET_ROO_0050_1
Car #: #669
Driver (s) : Tetsui Fukiyama (George Tet)
Location: Roosevelt Speedway - Jersey City, NJ
Date: 1950's
Photographer: Charles Zulla
Photo provided by: Ken Edsell
Comments: Comment:  George Tet at Roosevelt Stadium.
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12.30.12 Jack Reinhard

I believe George’s real name was Tetsui Fukiyama and he we a florist in Queens NY. Early on he did not drive and one of his drivers was John Flathmann also from Queens who is better known by his racing name of Johnny Mann the great ARDC and NEMA driver. George drove the X-9 for Frank Conway at Islip until 1970 or so when he stopped driving. Rob Miezejewski created a fabulous model of the X-9 Mercury Comet bodied car from the 1967-1970 era that I should nudge him to put on the Super Models page.

12.30.12 Charlie Lindmar

George was the 1954 &55 modified champ at Roosevelt stadium. He also ran Morristown and ran the Daytona beach/road course in 1952 using a fictional name, Ted Fuchigan, #668.Car clearly visible in a color video of that race I got from Tommy Vroom many years ago. Jack Smith was the winner after Tim Flock was DQ for wooden roll bars that were OKed by Bill France before the race.

12.30.12 Russ Clock

George Tet was at The Himes Museum Reunion this past August. He' 88 years old and drove out from Ozone Park, Queens, NY to the Museum in Bay Shore, LI. NY. Photo By Russ Clock Provided by Russ Clock for


12.31.12 Rounds101

In August of 1959 George won the feature at Stafford beating my father out in close second.... it was VJ day.

12.31.12 3Wide Having been born in 1960, I can't say that I remember first hand the "obstacles" Japanese Americans faced after WWII but I've read about it.  I'm sure that  racing in the 50's, and in the next 2 decades after, Tetsui Fukiyama faced more challenges than most and although I never saw him race, I have great respect for his determination.  I also have great pride in our sports core fans who will always look beyond what society says and who choose to judge a driver on what they do with their helmet on.  As mentioned, I never saw him race, but by speaking to those I've met through this site I've learned of "Tetsui's" accomplishments and have also learned that he had many fans out there.
12.31.12 Russ Clock This photo shows George Tet and Johnny Mann together at The Himes Museum Reunion from last summer reunion (2012).