Photo ID # L02.23.15_RAY_HOF_UNK_0047_2
Car #: #24
Driver (s) : Ray Hoffman
Location: Flemington Speedway (possibly Dover Speedway for some - see Visitor Comments below.)
Date: 1947
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Tim Hoffman:
Comments: Comment from Tim Hoffman:  That's my dad driving the #24 in the top 5 photos.  This is the first stock car dad raced . It was owned and built by Sonny & Jonny Strupp.  It was probably the first car they built because it doesn't look like a usual Strupp car!

The first time out with this car Dad won his heat race, the match race & was running third when he was involved in a wreck

The car was a sedan with a soft top in the center which they cut out . They then took leaf springs from a truck and welded them in place for a roll cage .

The bottom tow photos are of my dad getting out of the car after a heat race or match race win.  The man on the right looking at the camera (bottom photo) is my uncle Wes Powell, the mailman from Fairmont NJ .

The newspaper article we believe is from the Hunterdon Democrat . It's dated Oct 5 1947.  It was supposed to be the 1st American Stock Car Racing Association (ASCRA) race held at Flemington.  They spelled my dad's name wrong, (Roy instead of Ray) or maybe he was using an alias name again because of mom.  The article also mentions Dick Gulick. possibly a relation of Dean Gulick who raced in the 70's & 80's. 

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02.23.15 Hank Winecker

The things you find when you are not looking. The bottom photo shows Wes Powell looking at the camera. There's not a doubt it's Wes, He was my fathers best friend....

02.24.15 Ed Duncan

The photos look like they were taken at Flemnigton an Dover, N.J.

02.24.15 3-Wide Ed - maybe the 2nd and 3rd photos are from Dover?  Let me know what you're thinking.  Thanks.
02.24.15 Ed Duncan From top to bottom the first 3-photos are from Dover.
02.24.15 Jeff Hardifer

The 3rd picture has Tommy Coates in the Johnny's Stock Car convertible #69 owned by Johnny Sabatini of Trenton NJ. He was the winner at Dover on Aug 31 and Sep 14, 1947.