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Photo ID # c01.07.06_088_UNK_UNK_0050_1
Car #: #88
Driver (s) : Frankie Schneider (not pictured)
Location: Unknown
Date: 1950's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Jeff Hardifer
Comments: Not sure who is pictured leaning up against the #88.  I'm sure you guys will help us young punks out! (those of us born after 1960 that is....) (Thanks for the info Vault Visitors!)
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01/07/06 Joe Meshach Having watched "the Master" race for many years in the 60's-80's, I don't think this is him. I have seen a picture of Frankie Schneider behind the wheel of this car before, but he had a helmet on. Could this be the owner?
01/09/06 dave g That's John Bohlander the owner of the 88.
02/02/06 Jeff Hardifer This car is seen frequently in the video of the 1951 Modified-Sportsman race at Langhorne.
07/28/06 richard way to much hair for frankie---richard
08/22/06 PM Is this a test? That's John Bohlander of J&J Engine Balancing! You must have heard of them. They were the original professional engine builders for race cars, before Tony Feil and the rest. J&J stood for John Bohlander (the big block man) and John Shaw. (the small block man.) Their shop was over on Gasoline Alley in Paterson. The 111 had a Bohlander engine. When we picked it up, he told us we probably wouldn't be able to use it all. I was skeptical, of course, until I drove the car. PROBABLY?? Wow!! The motor had so much power that the only way I could get a good finish at Flemington was with a 3.89 gear!. Anything in the 4's was too low for that combination.
08/22/06 3Wide I've heard of him, but never met him, or ever saw a picture of him and since the name was not provided with the photo, we figured we'd let you guys sort it out.   And you did.  Thanks-
05/13/07 D This photo was when John was still working at a Ford Dealership in Westfield NJ. The funny thing is that a fellow co-worker at the dealership built the engines for that car and that friendship is what got Johnny going in racing. From what I was told, Frankie won some 80 races one year( i think 1952) all up and down the east coast. There was another photo of the " 88 " in the Flemington Museum. On the hood it read " Engine by Hank Nerl "
12.23.09 fltlnjok A guy could get a REAL education by listening to John. He balanced and clearanced a 278 c.i.d. Chevy 6 for me that became a real eye opener to a lot of V8 owners.
07.22.15 Lee Bertsch

I met John when I had a choice of using his shop or Dick Simonec's shop in Gasoline Alley to build a 63, 327 fuelie short block I bought new.  After careful consideration, I went with John although I found no fault with Dick.  John turned it into a monster that never had to fear the big blocks on the street.  Running 13.5 pistons on the street was a challenge though.  Could never turn the thing off unless I dumped the clutch in first gear while standing on the brakes of my 55 Chevy.  Lord, why did I ever sell it? 

Both John and his partner John Shaw were two very nice men who knew their stuff.

02.12.18 Sy

John Bohlander and Jimmy Shaw - I owned Dayton Ignition for 30 years and shared a wall with them in Gasoline Alley.