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Photo ID # c06.18.06_079_SHI_UNK_0050_1
Car #: #79
Driver (s) : Bill Lewis (and sometimes Johnny Dennis)
Location: Clayton Auto Body
Date: 1950's
Photographer: (John's Aunt)
Photo provided by: John Shipley
Comments: Comment from John: Here is a photo that shows how they towed their cars back in the fifties. It is a picture of my Dad's race car and was taken at the Clayton Body Shop owned by Lec Bowers.

The car was mostly driven by Bill Lewis but Johnny Dennis also drove it a few times at Alcyon in Pitman.  It had a flat head Ford with almost no work done on it. Maybe that explains why Popcorn was passed by most of the other cars by the time they finished the first lap.

My Dad has been gone for almost 25 years but I still remember listening to him when we would see some of the drivers and owners from Alcyon. I also remember that they took the car to Flemington once (it came home after wrecking, still don't know about that flat towing), and over to the old Atco track as well as Georgetown which I think had a day after Thanksgiving race or a Thanksgiving day race, Seems I remember my parents arguing about it.

The picture was more then likely taken by my Aunt, she was the video and picture taker of the family.

John Shipley
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02.11.09 fltlnjok 1955 or 1956 station wagon in the background, helps the date a little.