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Photo ID # d05.24.07_098_GRP_ALC_0059_1
Car #: #R-12, #44, #4, #98, R-12, #44
Driver (s) : Bob Rossell, Budd Olsen, Sonny Strupp, Al Tasnady
Location: Alcyon
Date: 1959
Photographer: Cub Branin
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment from Russ: It's a beautiful Labor Day afternoon in 1959 and I'm shaded from the sun, as I watch the races from the covered grandstand, at Alcyon Speedway, in Pitman, N.J. There's been a caution on the track and the cars have stopped on the home stretch. Wow, look, the drivers have gotten out of their cars! There's Budd Olsen, 1958 NASCAR modified champ, scratching his head as he stands by the black 98. Bob Rossell, stopped next to him, is checking his rear tire on his 4 car. Meanwhile, Al Tasnady is out talking to fans in the grandstand. I didn't see where Sonny Strupp went, but the R-12 is there.. Wake up Russ! and join the real world! So darn glad I was there.. so sorry I can't ever see it live again. Just sharing a dream. Tas won the feature that day. Thanks for your indulgence. Russ Dodge
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05/25/07 Ned This one really tells the story of what racing was like in the '50s and early '60s.

Like life was then, there was time to relax and enjoy. Everything is hurried now. I really enjoyed these moments when the drivers would get out during the red flag and talk to the fans. This was the norm in that time and I miss that time when you could look at the drivers and their cars. The cars didn't have to be pretty to win and many ran year after year with dents all over the top and sides.

It seems like after 1963 we have been in a downward spiral in all facets of life, racing included. Now it's all about dollars and having no fun.
06/02/07 John Marelli Ok - This picture is Alcyon 1959. My first race was in 1961 at Flemington. This picture could have been taken from the Grandstand that night in "61" Not much had changed in those 3 years, so give or take a car color or number, (Tas was there that night) this basic shot from the covered grandstand is what's forever burned in my brain.

Russ you are the true historian of our time, and guys like me could never thank you enough!!

John Marelli
09/12/07 Carter Ayres I'm in the infield somewhere in the first and second turn area.  I was nineteen, and rode up from the Silver Spring Maryland area with Jimmy King, flat towing his 39 ford coupe. I don't remember where he finished that day,I'm thinking maybe a mechanical problem. It was the only time I was ever at Alcyon, but I have always remembered being there. I thought it was a pretty neat place.