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Photo ID # d11.11.07_088_GRP_MID_0050_1
Car #: #03, #R-52, #88
Driver (s) : Bud Marl #03, Sonny Strupp #R-52?, and Stan Dodd #88?
Location: Orange County
Date: 1950's
Photographer: Sam Rosenberg?
Photo provided by: Todd 1962
Comments: Comment from Todd:  Photo from the 1st turn at Orange County from the mid 50's.   Photographer: Sam Rosenberg? - Driver's: Stan Dodd #88, Bud Marl #03 and Sonny Strupp? in the #R-52.???
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12/18/07 Lee T I remember that particular night. The car that put the 03 into the fence is not in the picture.  The 03 was leading the race when this happened.  The other driver went on to win the race. Both drivers are deceased today.

Also it was Russ Dodd in the 88.  Not sure but I don't think it was Sonny in the R52 that night.  I am sure Johnny Yannone was driving it that night.
01.10.10 Ralph "Gypsy" Corwin it is Harry North in the r 52
09.16.10 CHIP My neighbor was a gentlemen by the name of Frank Burger.  He was the crew chief at that time.  In 1976 he got a sportsmen for is son Johnny Burger with the same # and colors that they ran at Middletown (same as Bud Marl #03 ran). Here's a Picture of that car:

Frank put this car together in 76' for his son.  They liked their Fords - It had a 302 Boss in it.  (Same colors and # as Bud Marls..)