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Photo ID # 03.03.03_ELT_HIL_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #(NA)
Driver (s) : Elton Hildreth
Location: Langhorne, PA   (Thanks Russ)
Date: 1964
Photographer: A Stan Fan
Photo provided by: A Stan Fan
Comments: (Please see Russ's comments below)
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03/04/03 Russ Dodge This picture was most likely taken at Langhorne Speedway in October 1964. Of course it is the Wild Man with his sunglasses on. In the middle is Al Sergiacomi who was one of Elton's crew member. Al passed away a little over a month ago. After getting out of racing Al restored a Chevy coupe, either a '32 or '33, and went on to take top honors at the Hershey AACA meet for many years.

The one on the right I can't say for sure but may be Ray Bierbrunner, a long time Elton crew member. Note the pickup in back of the group.

On the door you see the start of the name Broadwater's. Ronnie Broadwater (Charles Vetter) drove at Vineland but later owned a blue sportsman car # 1 driven to many victories at Pleasantville Speedway by Carl Grinar. The car was kept at Broadwater's gas station in Millville.

Pictures like this and car shots are nice, but the real neat part sometimes is what is shown in the background. Thanks, Russ Dodge
03/07/03 Mark Yaple If you check East Windsor Speedway's past winners you will see Ronnie Broadwater won 2 novice features on 7/2/65 & 7/9/65.
01/29/06 Jimmy Plummer The person on the right is not Ray Bierbrunner.
02/12/06 Jimmy Plummer My dad showed this photo to Elton about a week ago and he confirmed that the person on the right is Bobby Young. Bobby helped out around the shop, but was not an official crew member. Unfortunately, Bobby was killed a few years ago in an automobile accident in Port Norris.
 01/08/08  David Young Jr.  I looked at the pic many times thinking it was my uncle Bob but was not sure thanks for clearing it up 
 03/05/08  deeanna young Just showed this pic to my mom.  She was excited to see a picture of
her brother bobby.