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Photo ID # 03.09.03_005_HAY_LAN_0060_1
Car #: #5
Driver (s) : Hoss Hayes from Lexiton, Kentucky!
Location: Lanhorne, PA
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Unsure
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Like the door says, it's Hoss Hayes and he looks like he's from Kentucky doesn't he? 
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03/13/03 John Fahey If Hoss is from the South, he should not be wearing a Union Hat. He should have a gray hat on.
03/13/03 Brendon I think he looks like he’s from Bridgeton...
03/13/03 Bill Hoss may look like he’s from Kentucky, but actually he’s from Bridgeton, New Jersey. (Funny that he bears a striking resemblance to another driver of that era, also from Bridgeton, New Jersey.)
03/13/03 Bill Force What's wrong with the photo, nothing, but the driver in disguise is not Hoss Hayes - It is Elton Hildreth. Due to the wars of the sanctioning bodies, Elton went into disguise for the race at I believe Trenton. Probably not fair, Elton is distantly related to me on my fathers mothers side of the family. Thanks Bill Force
03/13/03 Ed Duncan Elton Hildreth should not be smoking a pipe it is bad for his health.Nice Langhorne picture.