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Photo ID # 03.27.03_039_PAT_WAL_0068_1
Car #: #39
Driver (s) : Bob Paterson
Location: Wall Stadium, Wall, NJ
Date: June 1, 1968
Photographer: Charlie Taylor (Track photographer from 1965 - 1971)
Photo provided by: Mark Yaple
Comments: Bob, who I remember running the #390 on dirt, was also a winner at Wall Stadium.  Here, Bob won the 50 lap feature and set a new track record of 14.44.04 for the 50 lap event.  He ended up winning 3 features on the year at Wall, was 3rd in points and also won the popularity contest that year.
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08/20/03 Lee Taylor The photographer for this photograph was Charlie Taylor, Wall Track Photographer from 1965 thru 1971  Yours Truly,   Lee Taylor  (Charlie Taylor was my dad)
10/20/03 Steven Pinhas Mark thanks for posting the pictures and tell us about the web site.  Bob Patterson is my grandfather.  If any one has any other pictures of him please e-mail me at giantsfan1212@yahoo.com I am trying to get pictures of him that I do not have.  Some tracks that he has raced at are Bridgeport, East Windsor, Atlantic City, and Wall.  He had two cars the 39 and the 390.  Thank you Steven Pinhas (Grandson of Bob Patterson)
01/14/06 David Reynolds Bob was one of my favorites. He always took time to talk to this little kid who came to the pits after the races. It was him and Dick Lewis who made me a race fan. Thanks guys for showing some kindness to a little kid.