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Photo ID # 04.06.03_073_McA_ATL_0060_1
Car #: #73
Driver (s) : Tom McAndrews
Location: Pleasantville, NJ
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Tom McAndrews
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04/12/03 Dave Spurlin Do you have any pictures of the yellow 3A run at Hatfield? It's one of the earliest cars I can remember growing up
04/23/03 Todd J Tom, I would enjoy seeing more Pleasantville photos if you have anymore in your collection...
01.04.11 CHIP This has to be one of if not the first Ferriollo car???
01.04.12 3Wide Chip - even though it has a similar look and color, this was a south jersey car and I don't think there was any connection.
12.30.12 Shawn McAndrews

This car was owned by Jim Habermehl. He liked the way Ferriaulo's cars looked, hence the paint scheme. This car ran mainly at Pleasantville (Atlantic City) Speedway but also ran at East Windsor and Flemington on occasion. I believe my father, Tom McAndrews was the last one to drive this car. Other drivers included Bill Cliver, Sal Moschella Sr., and I believe Charlie Angerman.

12.31.12 Ray Miles
The owners of the 73, Jim Habermehl and Earl Heugel were the nicest guys.  The first time I wrecked my car; these 2 guys came over after the races were done and they were looking at the damage and I thought I was forever done with racing but Jim and Earl just calmly told me not to worry; they would come to my house and show me how to straighten and repair the car, which they did and they werenít even in the accident that wrecked my car, they were just super nice guys that loved the sport and didnít mind helping a fellow competitor out. I bought a trophy and gave it to them at the awards banquet as a sportsmanship award for their act of kindness.
12.31.12 3Wide Thanks for that comment above Ray.  That is something that I had forgotten about, but we need to be reminded of once in a while and that are the great stories that came from the pits of guys from one team lending a hand to help another team get their car ready to race again... whether it be for the consi that was coming up in less than an hour, or for the times guys helped other teams get back on track for next week.  Great story Ray and guys like Jim Habermehl and Earl Heugel are what racing is what short track racing is all about.  Same goes for the guy that gave them a trophy!  Good stuff....