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Photo ID # 04.26.03_111_McL_ALC_1960_1
Car #: #111
Driver (s) : Jackie McLaughlin
Location: Alcyon Speedway
Date: 1960
Photographer: George Frie
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: (Comment provided by Russ Dodge):  This is one of my most treasured pictures in that it shows Jackie McLaughlin standing at the front of the Maul # 111 at Alcyon Speedway in 1960. That was the last season the track ran with this being the Labor Day show. Notice the # 44 still on the roof from Daytona Speedway when Tas drove the car there as the # 44 in February of that year. This picture was reproduced from a 35mm slide taken from the main grandstand by George Frie, a race fan. The picture is great because it captures the "essence" of the day, with a great shot of the announcer's pagoda. Thanks, Russ Dodge
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04/28/03 Jim Murrow Great Pic!  This car was owned by Clarence Maul, and sponsored by Maul Bros. Machine shop. It was known as "The Maul Missle".

Originally, Clarence contracted with Tom Raymer, of Glassboro, NJ to build and maintain a sportsman car out of his shop. Tom owned the 10A car, driven by Bill Wark, and a midget # 10, driven by Al Graeber, and later by KIng Carpenter. The Maul car was #11, and was driven by Bobby Becker. 

When the Maul/Raymer deal went bad, Clarence contracted with Jackie McLaughlin to build, drive, and maintain this #111 car. As far as I know, this was the only race car that Jackie ever built.

Later, Clarence contracted with "The Flyin' Farmer", Lou Mood, to build and maintain the 111, and Bud Olsen was the driver. Lou Mood had built the 10A car that Maul's former partner, Tom Raymer owned, and campaigned it himself as the #29 car prior to selling it to Raymer. Ironically,  when Olsen didn't show up at Georgetown one night, Lou drove the 111 himself and totalled it. Clarence was seriously mad, so, Lou repainted his own #29 coupe, made it #111, and gave it to Clarence,  to replace the one he totalled.  Thanks,  Jim Murrow

01.23.15 Anthony Fichera Jackie at my fav race tack in 1960 with the maul brothers 111 flat back


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