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Photo ID # 05.04.03_007_MYS_FLM_0066_1
Car #: #7
Driver (s) : Mystery Photo...  Sammy Beavers!
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1966
Photographer: John Fahey
Photo provided by: John Fahey
Comments: We used this one for our mystery picture a while back.  (Many of you guys figured that it was probably Sammy Beavers behind the wheel.)
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12/18/04 Pete Madsen The 2 things I remember about this car was that it sometimes had a "409" type engine, (other times a small block) but it was always unusually fast.
04/16/05 Tom Grbac This car never had a 409, always, a 327 + 5/8 or a 427. The 427 with a carb or injectors, the small block always injectors for Sam or Mike Grbac.
12/11/05 Barry Pursell I remember seeing this car at harmony.  I also remember the sportsman version purple & yellow $ sign drivin by Mike Grbac.
05.15.09   Roger McCloughan  I believe that going through the pit gate is the beautiful Silliman #4
(red) driven by Oliver Butler.
02.04.10 Ken Stull The 777 late model coming on the track in this photo was built by Hoop Schaible's brother BILL in his garage in Upper Black Eddy ,Pa.
12.02.10 Pete Madsen It's been 6 years.. I guess I will reopen this! When I said this car had a "409" engine, I was trying to identify the motor as a "W" block, as opposed to a "rat" block. Of course I didn't have any way of knowing the actual displacement of the engine by looking at it, but I damn sure can tell a 409 "style" (W block) motor from a rat motor by looking at it.

They DID have a 427 "W" block (Z-11) as early as 1963. Since this picture is from 1966, and Chevy didn't produce a 427 "rat" until 1966, would it be safe to assume that the 427 you refer to was in fact a Z-11 "W" block? S I get older, I get more protective over the credibility of my memory! Of course today it would be a "non-issue", since you can't see the motors any more anyway! (But that's another story!) Anyone else remember a "W" block motor in this car?PM