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Photo ID # 05.26.03_111_OLS_FLM_0061_1
Car #: #111
Driver (s) : Budd Olsen
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1961
Photographer: Virgil Plum
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comments provided by Russ Dodge:  This is a photo of Budd Olsen with the "Maul Missile" taken at Flemington in 1961 by photographer Virgil Plum. The Maul cars, other than the Maul Special # 111, were built by Jack Stetser and Lew Mood, as were Mood's # 29's. It is of note that the car (original body with replaced chassis) is now owned by Jack. He has plans of restoring the car to appear with the Old Timers. The car, when wrecked by Budd was scrapped. The Dillon brothers who lived near Lew Mood took the car and replaced the chassis. The car went to Ron Reeves who ran it at Pleasantville Speedway in the 1970's as the blue # 33. From there it ended up in Springfield, Mass. It was purchased in the 1980's by noted model race car builder Bob Burd, who brought the car to Washington, N.J. and placed it in storage. Bob who had built the beautiful replica of the Malzahn fireball # 99, intended to bring the car back as the #111. Approximately 4 years ago he sold it back to the man who built it Jack Stetser, who plans on restoring it. Of interest also, I recall Jack telling me he had the complete motor out of the original # 111 in his possession! We all can't wait to see the "Missile" launched again! I hope this caption didn't put you to sleep! Thanks, Russ Dodge
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