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Photo ID # 05.31.03_002_SCH_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #2
Driver (s) : Frankie Schneider
Location: UNKNOWN
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Tom Eppolite
Comments: #2, Frankie... Nuff said...
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06/03/03 Kevin Newman The MASTER!!
10/10/04 Joe Andrick I can't begin to tell you how many times my family and I would watch this unmatched fox glide to victory in a way only he could do.   Flemington-Nazareth-it made no difference - show him the $$$$ and he would give you the show !!!

I am now 45yrs old and live in Florida but not a year goes by that I don't talk about the King Pap-Pap-Schneider.  Thanks for the memories.

09/14/05 Hemi Anderson I can still see Frankie drive across the track and into the infield pits at Middletown in his 51 or 52 Chrysler Imperial with the #2 on the back. During warm-ups, there was no-one that could "power-slide" the car into turn 1 and turn 3 like Frankie, Totally sideways, 90 degrees from his direction of travel. He was a pleasure to watch. I read here where Frankie is still around, I'm so glad. Here's a fond hello from an 'old fan'.
10/16/05 Dwight Clock Simply the smartest driver that ever sat in a modified! He had no trick setups, just basic stuff that he knew would work.  He would follow a competitor for a lap or two, pick his spot, and blow by him effortlessly. He won his share of weekly 25 lappers, but as the distance increased so did his liklihood of winning.

The dominant dirt driver in the early years of the All-Star League and the unquestioned king of the monthly 100 lappers at Lebanon Valley.  I miss watching him race very much.
11/18/05 James W. Seydell I remember that he owned Vineland Speedway. Every Friday night my father and I would go to Vineland and watch Frankie win. One night he blew up his motor in the heat race. At that time he had a Cadillac and he had a spare engine in the back seat. He used a tow truck to change engines and sat on the back of the car and figured out some rear gear changes and went out and won the constellation race and won the feature. He was the MASTER.

James W. Seydell
 03.13.10  Eric Should eventually be in the Nascar Hall of Fame as a "builder" or "Pioneer".  This man was the epitome of hard work and ingenuity.   Could beat $5K car with a 100 dollar set up until the day he retired!