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Photo ID # 07.05.03_008_ROB_LIN_0064_1
Car #: #8
Driver (s) : Johnny Roberts
Location: Lincoln Speedway, Hanover, PA
Date: July 4,1964
Photographer: Unsure
Photo provided by: Will Rose
Comments: Comments from Will Rose:  This is a shot of Johnny Roberts, after his July 4,1964 win at Lincoln Speedway in Hanover Pa. Johnny's, next and last win would come one year later on July 4,1965 at Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland. Just 3 weeks later Johnny would have his fatal accident at Lincoln Speedway in Pa. Johnny, was one of the hardest competitors who ever drove a race car but he was also one of the cleanest drivers that you could ever race against. You could run side by side or bumper to bumper and Johnny, would never put the bumper to a fellow racer to get around him. It is only fitting to remember Johnny, on this July 4th, day as we will always think that Johnny, was taken too soon in his life. But as long as race fans and friends remember him for the person that he was he will always live on in our memories.  Will Rose
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07/18/03 Jas The sight of Johnny Roberts brings back an old memory of the time he dusted off all the NJ drivers on Labor Day. I was just a youngster (born 1952) and I wanted someone to beat him so bad after what I saw him do that day. It was only later that I realized that I saw one of the greats beat a lot of other greats and he beat them so easy. Thanks for providing what I believe is the best racing web site on the net. Jas
12/18/03 Fred Krickbaum It was great to see my all time favorite driver . I can still remember my dad taking me to Westport Stadium  in Maryland to watch Johnny in his maroon and white flamed#7. It still brings back memorys that makes my hair stand up with excitement as I watch the way he would manuver his car around that track to the front and the win. He might have been know also as the big boy, but to a boy of 5 he was my hero.  The saddest day I remember as a boy was when my dad told me that johnny had left us. I know i will remember Johnny Roberts always.Please put together more on Johnny and the long gone tracks I use to watch him race at in Maryland, (Westport, Dorsey Speedways).                                                         
12/18/03 3-Wide If any of you Vault Visitors out there have an original picture of Johnny and can scan it to me, I'll be happy to post a couple more.  I'm not familiar with the tracks that Fred mentioned above unfortunately, but again I will be happy to post some pictures so that they too are represented in the Vault.