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Photo ID # 07.06.03__3A_McA_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #3A
Driver (s) : Tommy McAndrews
Location: Nazareth, PA
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Gary Yeager and Gary Phillips?
Photo provided by: Ricky Rutt
Comments: Looking for help with this one as I have heard alot about Tommy McAndrews, but don't think I ever got to see him run.
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07/07/03 Jim Murrow Known as "Terrible" Tommy McAndrews, this guy was a real thrill to watch. Talk about great car control, he could do unbelievable things with a race car, and did - several times every lap! "Terrible Tommy" was never part of the show, he was the show. If you took your eyes off him for a second, you missed something phenomenal. Tommy in your rear view mirror was your worst nightmare. He could go in low, be outside of you in the middle of the corner, and come out of the turn underneath you. You couldn't block him. He was wide open all the time, went in deep, and tossed it into every turn. I'm sure, like Jackie McLaughlin, Tommy was an owners nightmare. Sure, he was hard on the equipment, but to me, Tommy was what racing was all about. Thanks for the memories,
04/01/04 Bud Kulp I remember when I was a kid watching this guy in this car, battling with my hero, Freddy Adam at Hatfield.
09/22/07 John Stover Think Tommy won Reading openers in 1966-67.
Thanks-John Stover
 11.07.14 Jack S  Tommy was my favorite driver