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Picture ID# 08.27.02_16J_HIL_OLD_0060_1
Car #: #16J
Driver: Elton Hildreth
Location: Old Bridge, NJ
Date: 1960
Photographer: $Bill
Photo provided by: $Bill
Provider's comments: Elton Hildreth – One of the greatest from the 60’s. Told that he also raced under the name of Hoss Hayes...
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12/7/02 Ed Duncan The date is 1960
02/08/03 Russ Dodge More info than you probably want to know. Elton bought his first 16J at the end of the 1957 season. It was owned by John Reginak from Millville, N.J. The 3 window 36 Chevy coupe was cream in color with red fender carrying the number which was the license plate number of Reginak's road car. Elton had driven a black car with orange numbers (717) for Neal Williams from Vineland in 1957. Elton kept the number but changed to the colors of the 717. Elton was probably the first "man in black" wearing black slacks and a black banlon shirt when he drove. Reginak, owner of a trucking co., was a heck of an engine builder. He continued to build engines for Elton under the agreement that no one would touch them but him. One Saturday morning, he came into Elton's garage and found Elton with the motor out with the pan off. It was a new engine installed that week. Elton told him that the engine lost oil pressure and he checked and found the pump pick-up had moved. John thanked him for not blowing the engine and said " I told you no one was to touch my engine" He took the engine out and that ended the deal! Reginak motors then powered the black and white #95 driven by Monk Keller, Jack McLaughlin, Larry Voss and others. Thanks, Russ Dodge
12/02/05 James W. Seydell What kind of engine did Elton run in the 16J? 

I remember him racing at the old Wilmington, DE Speedway. That had to be in the 60's. After an accident, when he was running first and while he was sitting in line at the flag stand, he decided to change a tire. He was penalized and sent to the back of the pack. When the green flag dropped he started to the front and he sent sparks flying. He was pushing cars out of his way and by three laps he was back in front again.

I also watched him run at Vineland and Langhorne. At the Modified Sportsman's championship race one year he was just pulling into the pits when the field was lining up for the start. He quickly offloaded the car and raced onto the track. In just a short time he was leading the race. The problem was that some one had forgot to put rear gear oil in and the rear went out soon after he got to the front. He pulled into the pits, loaded the car and left.

I loved watching him race, he was so intense. I have looked up his name on the internet and was thrilled that he had such a great career in NASCAR racing but was a little disappointed that he was so stuck on NASH.

01/29/06 Jimmy Plummer According to my dad, Warren Plummer, the original 16-J engine was a 265 Chevrolet. When the 283s came out, Elton bored and stroked it to 327. When the 327s came out Elton ran it at that CI until he bored and stroked it to 357. When Chevy came out with a 350 (a new block design) Elton ran that engine. The interesting thing about Elton's engines was that he never went to fuel injection even when everyone else did. He always ran 3 two-barrel carburetors.