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Photo ID # 12.15.02_057_BRA_UNK_0060_1
Car #: 57
Driver: Bobby Brack
Location: Vineland or Wall (Thanks Russ)
Date: 1960?
Photographer: unknown
Photo provided by: Dave Pierce
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02/07/03 Russ Dodge An educated guess would place this picture from Vineland or Wall Stadium. Bobby Brack appeared at Vineland on July 3rd, 1964. He raced up here for several weeks before returning to Florida. He was still racing in Florida up until a few years ago I know. Don't know current status. Hope this helps until you get a more definitive answer. Thanks, Russ Dodge
12/27/04 George Perkins This could also be Old Bridge as he raced there some that year, sometimes running Manassas, Va. or somewhere in MD. in the afternoon and making the long tow up to Old Bridge to hit the evening show there. This was, in my opinion, the prettiest car that ever raced in this era. When the car first came up from Florida is was immaculate. It doesn't show in the pic, but the car was fitted with a one piece semi-curved windshield that was later removed or lost to a crash. This particular car wasn't too competitive but the coupe he brought up the next year sure was.
 04/12/08  Frank Beifus Unbeliveable! when I was 9 years old my folks moved us down to lake park fl. i bugged my dad to take me to the races because I missed going to Flemington.  So we started going to palm beach fairgrounds speedway.  Bobby Brack was the king of that track, there was a guy named Billy Osmond who raced there too and I always wondered if the Billy O who raced at Flemington were one in the same.

At 9 years old Forida and NJ. were like worlds away - different cultures.  They didn't event have wrestling in the schools in FL at that time.  But I can see how the racing family was all one .all these drivers seem to know one another, like an exclusive brotherhood.