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Photo ID # 12.21.02_015_MAS_OLD_0064_1
Car #: 15 & 16J
Driver: Richie Massing and Elton Hildreth
Location: Vineland, NJ
Date: 1964
Photographer: A Curley/Goshen Photo
Photo provided by: Dave Pierce
Provider's comments: More great Vineland action!  (Thanks Ed)
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12/21/02 Ed Duncan The year is right but the track is the Vineland Speedway
02/07/03 Russ Dodge The photo was taken on June 5, 1964. Richie Massing beat out Elton Hildreth in the feature and earned $400. Elton got $275. for second. It was a real tight feature with Elton trying all he could to take it on the outside. Richie wouldn't give in and took the win. A friend of mine was in the pits and said that when Richie came in that the adrenalin from the race was up so much that they had to help Richie open his hands from the wheel. I wasn't there to confirm this but it makes an interesting story. Richie, like cousin Wally, is one fine gentleman. A Curley/Goshen Photo. Thanks, Russ Dodge
03/19/03 Russ I was looking at this picture again. Take note to the American flag on the front of Elton's car. Elton always ran with the flag there and had a metal tube to hold the staff of the flag. After the races the flag was always given to a delighted fan. Of course this is only a rumor but it is said that on patriotic holidays, the Bridgeton city officials could never figure out what happened to all the little flags that were place around the city for decoration. The Hildreth pit crew always managed to have a new flag each race day! Thanks, Russ Dodge