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Photo ID # 12.21.02_16J_HIL_TRN_0060_1
Car #: 16-J, SSS
Driver: Elton Hildreth, Bob Malzahn & Red Foote (Thanks Ed)
Location: Trenton, NJ
Date: 1960
Photographer: unknown ( www.acelanephotography.com )
Photo provided by: Dave Pierce
Provider's comments: Elton Hildreth leading the way off of turn 2? 
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12/21/02 Ed Duncan Trenton 100 1960 - 16-J Elton Hildreth,  SSS Bob Malzahn & J-2 Red Foote.   Great photo-
02/08/03 Russ Dodge Elton "Wild Man" Hildreth won the Trenton 100 on August 21, 1960. The story goes as only Elton could tell it," I only went to Trenton that day to take a guy out who I felt needed a payback for a racing incident that happened at another speedway previously. I didn't have the right tires or nothing. The car ran so good I ended up winning the race. The guy I wanted to get dropped out!" Elton was the all time winner at his home track Vineland Speedway with 32 feature events. For you old timers the driver he wanted to bump was a new England driver with the initials of R.C. Thanks, Russ Dodge
08.06.10 Rudy I watched the J-2 and Melvin 'Red' Foote many times at Waterford Speedbowl as well as his brother Russ Foote. Not sure what the J-2 stood for. I thought it might be the type of engine he was running but not sure.
02.02.11 David Rodrigues  Think the New England driver Elton was looking out for was Rene Charland
02.02.11 3-Wide I don't know...  it might have been.  I do know that one time Elton felt that Rene ran into the side of him under yellow somewhere up in New England, and the way the story goes, the next time he came down to run at Langhone, Rene never got the car off the trailer...  It was many years ago, and I'm not sure if that's really how it played out, but that's the story that I was told!