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Photo ID # 12.23.03_SSS_MAL_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #SSS
Driver (s) : Bob Malzahn
Location: Flemington
Date: 1960's
Photographer: John Reilly
Photo provided by: Mark Burd
Comments: This may not be the clearest of pictures, but it shows a little about the era.  Some people will look at this picture and see Bob, one of the most accomplished short track racers of the 60's and 70's.  Some will see the highly recognizable Triple S's....  I on the other hand notice that Bob is wearing a Crane Cams shirt which in the early 60's which to me is very uncommon to see this early form of advertising at a short track for a national company.  I don't remember iron ons until the early 70's, so maybe Bob had a factory connection as some of the top performers of the day (like Gil Hearne and a couple of others) had...
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12/29/03 Jim Brewer There are a few things going on here:     

1)  Malzahn drove the #SSS from around '57 thru the '60 season.  I think he won the Old Bridge points in 1958. So the #SSS belongs to Bobby  from around 1957 thru 1960.  After that Ed Farley drove it quite a bit in the early '60's.

2)  Malzahn drove for Harold Cope from the end of 1960 thru near the end of the 1963 seasons (Bob won the Middletown points with Harold's #1 in 1961).   I have no real idea what happened but Bobby won the 1961 Langhorne National Open driving for Cope, but by the time we get to the 1963 race he was let go by Cope and Jackie Evans was in the seat.  Bob drove the Fireball #99 for that race.  I

3)  As for the T-shirt deals; McLaughlin, Olsen, Cagle, and Carter wore Tiopet Petroleum livery for a lot the the T-shirt "firesuit" era.   I'm sure there was a whole lot more of that than any of us remember.  Hope this helps??!!  Jim Brewer

12/29/03 3-Wide Well Jim, since I was born in 1960, I'm just going to get out of the way of you guys with let's just say.... a little more experience..... than me get to the bottom of it all!
04/05/04 Patti Back in the early 60's my crew and I got more than one "best appearing crew" award by wearing tee shirts supplied by the now long gone "South East Speed Shop"...at least we all looked alike.....Wynns and Autolite used to give tons of them away at the tracks. I guess Bobby was a trend setter.
09/30/05 Flames yep, that's my grandfather Angelo Speciale car.  sSs stands for SURE SHOT SPECIALE (look above the windshield)
06/05/06 Jack Reinhard As I recall, I always heard that Bob Malzahn was related through marriage to Harvey Crane. The story was that Bob married Harvey's daughter.
04/28/07 Herb Hoskins The year Bobby won The Old Bridge Stadium Title, he also won the Fort Dix Speedway and Wall Stadium Titles. Not bad for a dirt track racer from Fl.
05.11.18 Valerie Smith Caracappa

Ha ha, My Uncle Bob Malzahn had the Crane Cams shirt from my Dade, David Smith (77 yellow rail, B fuel natl champ), exec VP of Crane.

Bob married my Moms sister, Bernice. Nothing to do with Harvey Cranes family.

I can remember Dad would sell cams out of the trunk of the car at events.

Bob passed away about 4 years ago, my Dad 6 years ago.

They lived life in "the fast lane" and loved every minute.

I miss them both so much.

Thanks for posting this picture.