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Photo ID # 12.29.03_077_BEA_FLM_0060_1
Car #: #77
Driver (s) : Sammy Beavers
Location: Flemington
Date: 1960's
Photographer: John Reilly
Photo provided by: Mark Burd
Comments: Can't see the other side, but this thing looks in pretty good shape considering it's on the wrong side of the fence!  Not sure if one of those disposable models of today would be ready to go after a trip outside the park....  Here Sammy looks like he's got ideas of hopping back in - as long as it still has a front axle on it by the time the wrecker crew gets it back trackside....
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03/27/05 Kevin Inglin This car was owned by "Toddy" Gotone and Poupa Duke. Poupa Duke was Raritan Police officer at the time. Eventually this team housed their cars out of the Tytol Gas Station in Raritan New Jersey. These two owners split up at one point and Poupa Duke's cars were designated as 77a. Joe Inglin Sr. raced for Toddy in the 77. Beavers ended up going with the 77a. The time all this took place was around 1964. Toddy was a good motor man and had a great flathead motor but the rest of the car was usually in disrepair. It's neat to note on the tow lights on the back window in this picture.