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Photo ID # 12.29.03__26_MCL_DAY_0060_1
Car #: #26
Driver (s) : Jackie McLaughlin
Location: Daytona, FL
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Mark Burd
Comments: Beautiful picture that I think was taken at Daytona, near where pit lane joins the speedway just past the tri-oval area.  I don't know how the "026" Team did on this trip, but I know that back in the day, quite a few of the top runners would make the journey down in February and hopefully come back with more than a tan...
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12/30/03 Jim Murrow A couple of interesting things come to mind with this picture. First, the car # of 26, rather than the conventional 026, that this Pete Ambrosia owned car would have had. I guess 3 digit nombers were not pemitted at Daytona. Second, the numbers are red, instead of the normal yellow, and third, although the car and trailer are Pete Ambrosia's, the pick up is Jackie McLaughlin's, so, I'm thinking Pete didn't go down that year.  Thanks, Jim Murrow
12/31/03 Ned Stites III What could come closer to perfection? This is it.  Jackie McLaughlin and this wonderful car, the sunlight, Daytona, and dreams of when racing was so much fun to watch.  I met Jackie McLaughlin at Nazareth, PA and he was so kind that I will never forget that brief moment when he made me feel so important.  I feel so lucky that I got to meet him in such a tranquil setting.   He actually gave me some hot dogs and I got to play with his pet dog.  My dad was moved by him also.  He was never quite the same after Jackie's tragic accident.   I can still remember going away to hide and cry when my dad told me about the accident.  We were going to attend that night, but my dad for some reason changed his mind.  I am very glad he did.  Thank you for such a wonderful moment in time.  
12/31/03 Jack Walker The #26 of Jackie McLaughlin finished 69th in the February 13th, 1960 Modified-Sportsman race at Daytona.  He was involved in the first lap wreck that took out a lot of cars. The #99 in the background was driven to a 48th place finish by Hooker Hood.  The race was won by Bubba Farr.