Photo ID # G05.31.10_001_BOZ_EWS_0060_1
Car #: #1, 24 9/10ths, 17 & 77
Driver (s) : Stan Bozowski Sr.
Location: See notes below:
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Unknown (top photo)  Lee Eggert (bottom 2 photos)
Photo provided by: Lee Eggert
Comments: Comment from Lee - 

These photos are from the mid 1960's.  The larger photo is Stan Bozowski Sr. standing by his #1 at I believe is East Windsor Speedway.  He ran for several years in the sportsman class mostly at East Windsor.  He gave me the photo back then. 

The middle photo is the same car previously numbered 24 & 9/10ths.  It was numbered for the price of gas at a Route 1 service station.

The bottom photo is of Stan Bozowski Jr taken in November 1966.  It is the same #17 car pictured above.  I don't think he ran too much...

The two lower photos were taken by me at the Bozowski's on Meadowbrook Ave in Lawrence Township (NJ).  The school in the background is the Eldridge Park School.

As a teenager, I spent a lot of time at their house, as it was a block away from home.  some Friday nights, we would ride to East Windsor in the back of Mr. Bozowski's 1950's Ford pickup with a hand crank wrecker boom which was his tow vehicle.  Back thenI hung around with a cast of characters - Maybe you guys know some of them:  Jeff Whitehead, Jeff VanSant, John Lengenfelder, John Lane, Joe Czarnecki and Bob Fiorello.  Stan Sr. came to have lunch with my wife and I several years ago, and since passed away.

Sometimes we would wait along Lawrence Road (Rt. 206) for Buzzie Reutimann to go by on his way to a tire place in Trenton, so we could wave to him.  When we heard the Indy cars at Trenton tire testing we would ride our bikes over there and climb a tree on the backstretch to watch them.  John Lengenfelder's dad would take me to the races at Trenton and Langhorne, and John Lane's dad would take us to Flemington on occasion.  Dick Ivins gave me my first camera, and that got me interested in taking pictures, even though I didn't know what I was doing.

I moved out of the area in 1969.

Lee Eggert - Tuckerton, NJ

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06.02.10  Mark Yaple. Lee, Thanks for posting these pictures. I remember Stan and his family, nice people. I still see Legs, John Lane sometimes, and talk to Bobby every week. Later on Stan Sr. bought the #4 sedan from John Wagner and had a few top finishes with that car.
06.02.10 Mike Kent How about Jackie Mochera in the S-1 in the background of pic #1
06.26.10 Stan Bozowski Jr. I remember those time also. The number one, as stated, was originally the number twenty four and nine tenths. The car was originally found as a rusted hulk of a fifties stock car setting on the side of a garage in south Jersey. It originally ran a straight six with the original closed drive shaft rear. It still had the original rear when it was towed with a large chain throw a pipe to meadowbrook ave.

As I remember that was in the fall of 65. Stan Sr. was friends with a guy that had a Tulsa station on Route one and the car was towed there and built through the winter. Not having enough of one color to paint the car, several partial colors were mixed, placed in a spray gun and applied. The color came out pink. the Tulsa station was sort of the sponsor so the cost of gas became the first number on the car. The car was later painted blue with the number one. The car also became shorter and a little lighter after every on track accident. Stan Jr. flipped the car at East Windsor one Friday night and that facilitated shortening the back end.

Stan Sr flipped the car end over end one Friday at East Windsor and that became the end of the number one as it was cut up with a torch the next day just so it could be taken off the trailer.

The number four sedan was a 39 ford sedan with a mean ford 312 that ran strong. The sedan was red with a white number four. Stan Sr. ran the sedan for the last time at Flemington as 4 Sale. He had decided to sell the car and put 4- Sale on the car.

Flemington was Saturday night. The 4-Sale won the heat and as I recall finished in the top five of the feature. The car sold Sunday morning. Lee is correct that Jr. didn't run as much as Sr.  Jr. was the grunt that did a lot of work on all the race cars. I know all about that time and the cars, I'm Stan Jr. alive and well in Illinois.
07.11.10 Mark Yaple Thanks Stan Jr. for the interesting story. I was friends with your sister and the guys from the neighborhood. I am still living in the area and go to the races every week some forty plus years later.