Photo ID # G12.12.10_013_BEA_FLM_0060_1
Car #: #13
Driver (s) : Sammy Beavers
Location: Flemington, NJ  (Note - Ronnie G thinks it might be Reading...  What do you guys think?)
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Joe Bahm
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden
Comments: What a great time period photo.  The car (garage built, passenger car frame rails, injected power under the hood... drum brakes... pony tire...  The driver - one of the best... wearing his "uniform" of the day complete with safety harness.... and the energy of the pits...  Its all there in this one photo.
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12.12.10 Jack Kromer That coupe just has the perfect look-the lines and how it's hung on the chassis. Gotta love Sammy's racing "uniform".
12.12.10 3-Wide I agree!
12.14.10 Steve Cameron Great photo! Not a car that immediately comes to mind when talking about the cars Sammy Beavers drove. Also, any idea who the blue car at the right side of the photo is? I recognize the Methvin's sponsorship, but not the car.
12.14.10 Mark Yaple That's Foder's head wrench and former sprint car owner Bill McConnell standing directly behind the car.
12.15.10 Gary LaFetra
gman 1947
Just look at the coupes in the background and not one enclosed trailer. Home built cars and probably motors too. No Hutter or Tony Feil in those days. And the best part is those guys were having fun and so were the fans. Too bad we didn't know it then but those were the best times in short track racing. Sadly, time marched on.
12.18.10 klhjch Sammy with one of my favorite cars ,the Jim Fodor #13 . also the Jim Horton # 43 was other favorite car of mine at time
12.24.10 Rob Johnson This is the way a modified should still look today. PERFECT
12.24.10 Mike McNamara SUPER... example of why the Vault's Photo credit info. policy is so important (Thanks Joe ) Flash back to page 25 in the 60's section... I sent in a few pics. of Sammy in the Fodor 13 a few years ago.
One is a duplicate of this one that was shot by Joe Bahm, mine was a little more grainy? I guess cause it was on the shop wall for 30 or so years, but still the same original photo purchased from the guy that took the photo or someone who had his OKAY to sell it!

This photo is from 1968... I know that cause Sam, (that's the way he signed it) and dated it 1968. There was a red stamp on the back that read...Joe Bahm Photography---Trenton, NJ--- Thanks to guys like him. 42 years later he still has our wheels spinnin!!!!!!!
12.26.10 Ronnie G. One of my favorite dirt modifieds & very talented driver.  Is there anyone else that thinks this is the Reading pit area in early March by the clothing being worn ?