Photo ID # G12.27.10_087_LOW_UNK_0060_2
Car #: #87
Driver (s) : Brian Kelly (once car was painted and renumbered)
Location: Unknown
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Yahooie
Comments: Comment from Bill Lowden:  My first car, I think I was 16 in the photo. I later teamed up with the Kelleher's and we got the car together for Wall Stadium and Atlantic City Speedway. There is a picture on the Atlantic City site, the car was painted white and carried the number 39, The famous Brian Kelly driver.
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12.28.10 Bill Braga This car as shown was originally owned by the 3 bees racing team from Paterson, NJ.  Ran at Middletown, East Windsor and Nazareth through the mid to late 60's..ray cook was the driver as well as others  I was a crew member at that time..
12.28.10 3Wide So that's where it all started...  In addition to working on and driving racecars for the past few decades, Bill and his son Billy are responsible for bringing back many "full size" memories for all of us with the work they do on restoring racecars and creating replicas when the original no longer exists. 

A few "restorations or recreations that come to mind are:
Osmun #333 Coupe
Norcia #81 Coupe
Brenn Sr #24 Coupe
Pickell #300
Olsen #0
Cozze Coach #44
Collins #12 Gremlin
Lilly #23 Coupe
Jeff Hanna #63
Michalchuk #292 Coupe
...and more!
12.29.10 Steve Szalus Cool ride- has "The Look" all over it! One question though- what's with the glad-hands on the trunk? I've never seen someone go to this much trouble to make the trunk lid easier to remove.
01.01.11 Harry Cella My uncle was one of the original owners of this car, one of the 3 Bs , my Uncle Bud, is this car still around? When it was the red 87 it was built as a dirt car. This looks like the last car they owned, which was fuel injected. All of the other cars they ran had carbs on them and ran as a Sportsman combined with the modifieds at the time.. If this was the injected car this one was driven by Jerry Karl of Indy car fame. Let me know if this car is
still around, I would love to take some photos of it.
01.01.10 Harry Cella Another note on this car, If I remember correctly when the 3-Bs (Bob, Bud, and Bill) decided to get out of racing, Charlie Kremer bought out the racing team including the transporter. He was planning on running East Windsor with the car.
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