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Photo ID # b12.26.05_095_SCH_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #95
Driver (s) : Hoop Schaible (Spelling corrected)
Location: unknown  (see note below from Rob)
Date: 1960's
Photographer: John Reilly
Photo provided by: Ray
Comments: Sad news has reached us that Hoop Schaible passed away on Dec 22, 2005. 

I never got to see Hoop race, but the stories will live on forever. 

Heard one time there was a skunk walking between the race track and the spectator fencing.  Hoop walked over... picked up the skunk... and then carried it over to his passenger car, where he then place the skunk INSIDE.  (It might have been Bob Pickell who told me that story, but there's plenty more where that came from.)

This is the same car that was wheeled out of the garage where it had been since 1969 and was displayed at the Legends of the Fall event at New Egypt Speedway on Sept 24th, 2005.

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12/27/05 Rob Renninger I believe this picture was taken at the Allentown Fairgrounds 1/2 mile dirt track in Allentown, Pa. between the 3rd and 4th turn. The wall is lower between the 1st and 2nd turns (it is still there). Directly behind the Pepsi sign is the Allentown Agricultural Hall.
12/31/05 John Armbruster Concerning the story about the skunk, I think this picture from Hoop's website is that incident:  http://www.dynalene.com/hschaible/pic11.html  
01/08/06 Linda (Schaible) Reese Please check the spelling of Hoop SCHAIBLE's name it is S-C-H-A-I-B-L-E..you have it spelled Schiable (wich is not ccorrect) As Hoop is a cousin to my late father, Hoops Father and my Grandfather were brothers.  All the Upper Black Eddy Schaibles spell it that way, as they all originated in the same area of Germany way back.

I spent many many Summers as a child going to and working at the Flemington Track races and Fair.  Also going to Nazareth to seee Hoop and other friends race.. Hoop was always the Prankster.. but those are stories for another time. 

I remember as a child going to family reunions in Upper Black Eddy.(I am in 50's now) Hoop and ALL the Schaible clan were there.  Last time I saw Hoop was at Rices Market, where he had a tool booth for many years.  and Yes the car was in a garage in UBE last I heard from family in the area.

Linda (Schaible) Reese
Nazareth Pa
01/08/06 3-Wide Sorry for the misteak mistake.  (Should be ok now...)
07/11/06 Kyle Kania Could it be Nazareth?
03/11/07 JM This photo is pretty snazzy! I remember when Hoop won the championship at Flemington. The car had a lot of squeeks and loose parts on it but man he could make it get around the track. I heard one story about the car that he had welded part of a railroad rail into it to add some strength. Is that true?...JM
12.15.10 Mathieus Took a ride past the old Hoop Schaible garage in Upper Black Eddy the other day and it's still there and probably more pristine than Hoop would have liked. It will be five years since he died this December 22nd. Hoop proved that you could be a backyard racer and win a track championship. I fear there will never be another like him. He was the James Dean of stock car racers!

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