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Photo ID # c01.29.06__S7_BUR_UNK_0065_1
Car #: #Star 7
Driver (s) : Chick Burlew
Location: Unknown
Date: 1965
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Bob Burlew
Comments: Comment from Bob Berlew: Here is a personal photo from 1965.  This is the car that my father drove for Louie Star.
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02/15/06 Goatwell I remember seeing the gold Star 7 at Wall in the early sixties. A very pretty car. It ran a big block Chevy 348 or 409.  It's interesting to note the car in the picture is running the Chevrolet two spring front axle, something rarely seen. Almost all the Chevies were converted to Ford transverse springs and axles.
03/21/06 George Perkins The Star 7's were always some of the prettiest cars going. I remember a gold version that ran in the early sixties.  It ran a big block (348 or 409) Chevrolet engine.  It's interesting to note the car in the picture is using the Chevrolet front suspension, something rarely seen.