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Photo ID # c02.11.06_044_TAS_UNK_0069_1
Car #: #44
Driver (s) : Al Tasnady
Location: Unknown  Middletown (thanks Jack and Pilgram)
Date: 1960's
Photographer: John Grady
Photo provided by: John Grady
Comments: John Grady provided one of the nicest pictures ever taken of the Cozze Coach driven by Al Tasnady. 

Great to see Dick Cozze honored at this years EMPA event for his accomplishments in the sport.  I remember the little coupe driven for a year or 2 by Stan Ploski.. and the little white coupe that Frank started his rookie career in at Flemington.  I'll let you guys fill in the rest of the driver's that drove for Dick.

I understand that there may be a new "Cozze Coach" in the works....

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02/11/06 Jack Kromer Looks like Middletown
02/28/06 pilgram Jack, I have to agree Middletown.
10/04/06 GWDJR23 10/26/1969 Tas won the first heat therefore earning the pole position for the Eastern States 200 that he went on to win.
12.12.10 Dave Frazer I was at the Eastern States that Tas won in this car. I was 11 years old. It was one of the greatest races I ever saw. Buzzie was leading the field late in the race by at least half a lap. Then he broke on the last lap and Tas and Joe Kelly in the 13 got by him and stormed across the finish line side-by-side. It took a long time before the 44 was declared the winner.

But the other great thing about the end of the race was Will Cagle, who was back in the pack pushed Buzzie, his fellow Floridian, across the finish line in a great act of sportsmanship. Absolutely one of my most treasured racing memories.