Photo ID # c03.08.06_008_BOT_REA_0060_1
Car #: #8
Driver (s) : Bobby Bottcher
Location: Reading
Date: 1960's
Photographer: Unknown  William Scholl  (thanks Ziggy)
Photo provided by: Kerry Bottcher
Comments: Great photo of Bobby Bottcher driving for Freddy Adam.  I don't think I've ever met Bob, but those I know who have tell me that he's a great guy and a real ambassador for our sport. 
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03/12/06 Bob Armbruster Small observation; on this page, both the Freddy Adam #8 and this car both ran at Reading, and both have a large piece of wire mesh on the driver's side window. Was this a rule of some kind? It looks like it would be difficult to get out of the window on these cars.
12.01.11 Terry Fick In the 60s the cars were still based on jalopies. The Reading rule was the center of the driver's seat had to be to the left of the car centerline (I believe by at least 6 inches), so most drivers entered and exited on the right side since often the window was cut down to ease that activity. The cut down window was viewed as not being as strong as the regular window on the driver's side and since the driver had to sit closer to that side the window was left unaltered for the additional sheet metal and strength. The screen was a face guard when running the outside. Remember, these were open face helmet days. I have taken my share of mud "bullets" to the body, I sure would not want one on the chops.

Terry Ziegler

Photo credit belongs to Wm. D. Scholl.  I have the same Photo and his name is on the back.