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Photo ID # c03.12.06_UNK_059_UNK_0060_1
Car #: #59
Driver (s) : not sure...
Location: not sure...
Date: early 60's?
Photographer: Barry Alrich
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment from Russ:  What a pair! This photo is from Barry Alrich (Tiona Pertrolium Co) taken as can be seen at the Eisenhower Body Shop, I'll date it 1960 but could be off a little on that. The 59's were pure white with maroon trim! I believe Walt Olsen drove them but mainly Bill Wark was the driver, I recall. Anyway, just another example why us coupe and coaches guys don't give up! As always, I would appreciate any info anyone has to correct or add to. Thanks, Russ Dodge 
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03/13/06 Leon Russ you hit this one right in to my ballpark.  I thought i had the only existing photos of these cars ( wrong ).

My photos have Wm. R Tyler 838 Kenmore Rd Phia. 54, Pa 3-7318 stamped on the back looks like the same day etc. The location is Glenolden PA and the shop was owned by my grandfather Leon Ditzler Eisenhower and his two sons William and Leon (Ike) my father . The year would have been 1961 and the car on the left was owned by Bill Seymour (pretty sure on this ) friend of the family. Car on the right was built and owned by my family.

Allthough Walt Olsen and Warkie drove for my uncle it was previous to this car (Walt also drove later) . This car had several drivers Sal Moschella , Art Lawshe , Norman Kidd and I seem to remember Steve Elias (need help on that ). I have a color photo I will share . Thanks Russ
03/15/06 Ned I want to say thank you to Russ and Leon for the information and photo.

My father and I always liked these cars no matter who was at the wheel. They were two of the finest looking cars in the field. I think of them often and then to actually get to see this wonderful picture brings all of the memories back to life. I sure miss seeing cars like this racing. I was fortunate to see them when I was 6-8 years old. After that they started cutting them down and having no fenders.

I thank you Joe again for having this wonderful place to travel back to days when racing was fun.
03/15/06 3-Wide Thanks for the comments Ned - It's guys like you, and Russ, and visitors to the site such as Leon who really provide the heart and soul to the Vault.  I'm just the guy figuring out a way to lay it all out..
03/21/06 Barry When Ii see the white #59 I think of Art Lawshe.  I remember the coupe more than the sedan.  I read an article on Naz. race promoter Jerry Fried when asked, "Do you have a favorite driver?"  Art Lawshe was one he commented on... how nice the cars were... and how safe they were.  If I must comment on the black and white or the colored photoes,  I like the b&w.  Every picture tells a story.
03/22/06 Glenn Grafton Great photo of two sharp looking 37 Ford flatback sedans. I always thought they made great looking race cars. I remember the late Joe Csolak from Trenton and the great looking 37 sedan sportsman he ran at Flemington.