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Car #: #11, #68, #0, #15
Driver (s) : Jim Hoffman, Dave Hulse, Bill McCarthy and Richie Massing   (Some thought it may have been Pete Frazee in the #68, but check below.)
Location: Wall Stadium
Date: 1968
Photographer: Charles Taylor
Photo provided by: Lee Taylor
Comments: We used the above as a trivia photo in May 2005 and you guys not only commented on who the drivers were, but on how full the stands were.  Many of you told us how you could remember the days at Wall where if you didn't get there early, you ended up on the bottom 2 or 3 rows!
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06/17/06 Bob Scott. My dad (who helped on the Wagner/Heptman #106 when the Chevalier's and Frazee drove), uncle (Peter O'Rourke who was a sports writer for the New Brunswick Home News) and Ed Albin (old promoter for Old Bridge) were all friends of Pete Frazee and my cousin and I his biggest fans.  (He even would pick us kids up after winning a race @ OB, stuff us in the car and drive us to the pits.

This Coupe came after the coaches that Pete drove. The 1st Johnson car that Frazee drove was a white coach with pink "flames" down the sides with a small block black #68 near the rear wheels.  It was then painted the Gold color that most remember.

Im 53 and my cousin is 60 and we both have the same story that the coupes were after Frazee.  Also when Frazee was driving the #68 Jim Hoffman's cars were the cut down pink ones.