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Car #: #81 & 77
Driver (s) : Art Fillbrunn in the Norcia #81 and Charlie Kremer in the #77
Location: Wall Stadium
Date: 1966
Photographer: Charles Taylor
Photo provided by: Lee Taylor
Comments: Long before there was Sammy or Billy O on the dirt of EWS or Flemington in the Norcia #81, there was Art Fillbrunn and Don Stives driving the asphalt of Wall in the black and gold #81.  We did a little research and found out that this was Art driving in this particular photo (as it actually says "Artie" on the roof).

Pictured above along multi feature winner Charlie Kremer, the #81 started out as blue and gold with the #81 being assigned by Nascar.  Seems that there were some things that the team from Black Horse Lane in North Brunswick, NJ didn't like about Nascar so they kept the #, and eventually made the car black and gold.
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01.17.12 Art Fillbrunn This was during the feature event at Wall.  Charlie was running a modified... I was running a Sportsman...  I had to start in the back because I was leading in the points... Because we won so many sportsman features, they kept making us start in the back....  One night, I was leading... there was a late race caution... and the guy in 2nd jumped me... so I held back... and they still threw the green flag....  I ended up finishing 5th.... John Norcia was very upset over the fact that they didn't call the restart back, so John decided that he had had enough of Wall and then began running Vineland, Oldbridge, Hightstown... Flemington, Harmony, Nazareth and Reading... all with the same car..... 

Speaking of Wall, I liked running at Wall... ran there for years... Also drove my own car #50 (only ran this car at Weissglass), also a #123 Modified owned by The Capriero (sp?) Bros., #1-1 sportsman owned by "Captain Seaweed", #59A (my own sportsman car), #123 Sportsman owned by Jack Crowe with Ken Reebe as the chief mechanic, #2JR Modified (just once or twice) owned by Bob Furslew (sp?).... But back in the day, Wall and Oldbridge were under the NASCAR banner.  I had the Championships at both tracks locked up but wanted to run at Langhorne.  I asked Bob O'Rourke if it was OK to run Langhorne,  and he said no problem... I ran Langhorne and because it wasn't a NASCAR track, they took the 2 Sportsman Championships away (Wall and Old Bridge).