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Photo ID # c06.9.06_070_TAS_LAN_0060_1
Car #: #70
Driver (s) : Al Tasnady
Location: Langhorne
Date: 1963?
Photographer: John Reilly
Photo provided by: John Marelli
Comments: Comment from John: This is a John Reilly Photo (of New Market N.J.) 

This is a favorite picture…..It says so much…This has to be the 1963 Langhorne National Open..Al Tasnady is out of the race…and this captures that moment…The Gypsy, genius Paul Deasey’s creation.. Lincoln power plant, with the motor set way back. Note the location of the driver’s seat, almost in the rear. How did he ever exit that race car?
Al’s wearing a great outfit for a fall drive in the Pennsylvania countryside.    Short sleeve shirt and khaki’s with a very comfortable open faced helmet. 

Always the dapper one, a year later when he entered the polecat era of his career, Tas had all of us kids wearing black polo shirts and white Levi’s with suede dingo boots….I can’t even begin to imagine how big a star he would be if he were racing today..”
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06/09/06 3-Wide Thanks for sharing this great John Reilly photo John.  I've had a few requests for pictures of this sedan, but other than the photo of the car on the front stretch at Flemington, I haven't seen too many original photos.  That combined with Al just getting out of the car, reaching for the helmet strap, capturing the emotion of dropping out of the race early, makes this an instant Vault Classic.  Thanks again.
01.24.09 Joe Paschall This race Al lapped the whole field three times and the second place twice, dropped out with two laps to go with a broken inside tie rod. I was there and my brother on the crew. After the race that day Frankie Schneider and Tas got to grab assing and Tas was on my mini bike and Frankie came up and tackeled Tas right off the bike, funny, just playing.