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Photo ID # c06.22.06_707_TAS_LAN_0063_1
Car #: #70 (#707)
Driver (s) : Al Tasnady
Location: Langhorne
Date: 1963
Photographer: Wheels of Speed
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comments from Russ: 
The John Reilly photo of Tas after getting out of the Gypsy is a great shot. Thank you, John Marelli for sending it in.

I have enclosed a photo taken slightly earlier that day. It is a Wheels of Speed photo from the Langhorne race in 1963. I never recalled or realized they had removed the grill and dropped the front of the hood for the race. I have other shots taken with the car on the track that weekend with the lowered grill still intact. Tas was on his way to victory that day until the front spindle tie rod arm broke. When they used the old Ford spindles, a gusset was usually welded in for reinforcement. The story goes Al had told Paul, it should be done when they were prepping the car, and it wasn't. Again I'm working on a 43 year old memories.

A sister car to the Gypsy was built by Paul, which he said he gave to Frankie Schneider, because he knew it would be outlawed before they would ever let it run.

Again, the Reilly shot is Fantastic!
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06/23/06 JB Can someone tell us more about that "sister car" to the Gypsy?? The engine setback on the Gypsy was very radical. Was there another car like it? There is a lot of speculation about what happened to the Gypsy. Larry J has offered the prospect on another website that Gerald Chamberlain may have driven a version of it at Langhorne later on. Can anyone fill in the blanks?

Thanks - JB
06/24/06 George Perkins A friend of mine, Charlie Lindmar, sent me some photos a while back that were taken at Frankie Schneider's recently. A couple of those photos were of a coach that was started by Paul Deasey. It looked like the car hadn't been touched in 40 years. The engine setback looked similar to the gypsy and the front suspension was a strange looking torsion bar setup. Unfortunatey I can't find the pictures. I'll see if my friend still has them.
06/26/06 LTD Fellow Flemington race fans might remember that one Saturday night in the early 70's the Gypsy showed up in the same original condition as these pictures.

It was parked in the pits near the front stretch pit exit, with if I remember correctly still had the one "seven" black out to show the number 70 only, and Bill Beasley was driving that evening.