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Photo ID # c07.03.06_001_HAR_WAL_0063_1
Car #: #1
Driver (s) : Jack Hart
Location: Wall Stadium
Date: May 4th, 1964
Photographer: Craig Hubbard
Photo provided by: Richie Iverson
Comments: Another great photo from the early days at Wall Stadium.
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07/03/06 Ed Duncan This was the former Bobby Allison 316.
07/04/06 Tom Berry Correction, former Bobby Allison # 312
07/7/06 Ned Stites III This car was sky blue with the red heart and black #1 inside the heart.    Jack really ran great at Vineland. I also heard this was a former Bobby Allison car. I really liked the way this car looked. From all angles it was a beauty. These latest pictures from Wall Stadium really touch my heart. Thank you Mr. Iverson for sharing them. Thank you Joe for posting them.
07/08/06 3Wide That's what we're here for Ned.  (Couldn't do it without all the support from the Visitors of the Vault.)
07/11/06 George Perkins I remember this car well. The red heart had glitter in it. It really sparkled out on the track. Jack Hart was extremely popular at Wall. There were a lot of Jack Hart jackets there in the early sixties. Boy, remember the days of the fan jackets?
01/29/07 George Gwynn My brother and I rode in this car from Chester (where Jack's business was) to Hatfield Speedway, the very first time we went to Hatfield. Jack was terrific on the blacktop but not as good on the dirt. Note the shock on the left front....and this car worked very well.