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Photo ID # c07.04.06_34__028_WAL_0463_1
Car #: #34 1/2 & #28
Driver (s) : Chubby Hower and Bill
Location: Wall Stadium
Date: May 4th, 1964
Photographer: Craig Hubbard
Photo provided by: Richie Iverson
Comments: Another great photo from the early days at Wall Stadium.
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11/30/08 Steve I FINALLY remembered to ask Chubby where he came up with the crazy number this past weekend. He said that he was building a new car and bought a coupe with the number 69 on it for parts. He tore it apart and used half of it to finish the new car. Therefore one half of 69 is 34 1/2. He said he had a lot of success with the car and used the number again when he later build the Mustang seen later on in this section.

I don't know what he would have done if he had bought a car like the "L" that Billy Pauch ran in the '80's!